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Since starting in 2019 we have the goal of proving there is no room for stigma. There is no room for individuals feeling alienated or afraid. There is no room for the government to ignore the struggles of young people. The Renegades Foundation is here to share stories of people who have overcome struggles and set backs to prove that we are as indestructable as we believe ourselves to be. Issues become more real when we hear from the people affected by them, and what better way to raise awareness than talking to the people directly affected.  The more we talk, the easier it gets. We are making noise about all the things they try to keep us quiet about. Join us as we prove our struggles do not define us.


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Renegade: someone who challenges convention at just the right moment.

Since launching in January 2019, our  goal is to show we can overcome all struggles, all injuries and pains, by sharing our stories we can inspire others to do the same. We dedicate our time to helping end stigma, we will not silence oursleves for your comfort. 

Our first campaign "I am not defined" shared stories of individuals who have achieved great things despite being told they wouldn't. We spoke about mental health, organ donation, sexuality and bells palsy. Really there is nothing we won't talk about. We then shifted focus to a campaign called "spot me, save me" raising awareness on symptoms of mental illness, signs of suicide and side effects of medication.

Autumn 2020 we are launching "Students vs Stigma" - showing how much university students have, and continue to struggle and why the government needs to pay attention.  

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The "I am not defined" campaign shared stories of individuals who have overcome adversity to achieve all they have ever wanted. They have smashed statistics, broken barriers and proved they cannot be defined. They have survived illness, trauma and bullying. They are some of the most incredible people you will ever read about, find all their stories in our blog section.


Challenging Stigmas

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Challenging Stigmas


Finch's Fund

Launching July 14th

All our fundraisers will be located under articles titled "Finches Fund", named after the boy who chased bright places for the ones he loved. Keep an eye out for ways to donate.


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